Month: July 2010

What your Furnace shouldn’t look like!!

Home inspections are good for getting a basic look at all of the major systems and components of a home.  This means that the nature of an inspection is general.
One of the general tests that good home inspectors do is to fire up the furnace.  Before I was an inspector I thought, “Why should I pay for someone to turn on my furnace?  I can turn on a furnace and tell if it works!”  This is a fact, however, there are things that a good inspector will look for when the furnace fires up that I would not have known to look for before I was an inspector.
One of the main things that good home inspectors look at while the gas furnace fires up is the flames.
  • Proper operation of the furnace will have the flames turn on with a steady blue.
  • Once the heat exchanger is heated sufficiently the main fan (that will blow heat through the home) turns on
  • The flames should remain steady and blue with little to no change in shape and color when the main fan turns on
This video was taken on a recent Salem, Oregon home inspection that shows what a flame SHOULD NOT look like when the main fan initiates:
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Jim Allhiser President/Inspector

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Get rid of your Old Wood Stove before you sell your Salem Oregon Home

Starting August first 2010, your trusty old wood stove will need to be destroyed!

Under the guise of environmental protection the Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality has decided that wood stoves built before 1985 must be removed if the home is part of a real estate transaction.  To be fair, wood stoves that are 25 years old or older are not as efficient as modern units and much of the heat that is produced is exhausted up the chimney.

Old wood stove headed for the scrap heap

Unfortunately, these regulations hit at a time when short sales and foreclosures abound and if a seller did have some wiggle room it may now be soaked up with the cost of the removal of the old wood stove.

If you do not know if the wood stove in your home or listing is ok or not there is some labels to look for:

If you are selling your home or have a home listed and a wood stove or insert is present you may want to check for these labels.  For more information check out the Oregon DEQs site:

Or you can always call your favorite Salem, Oregon home inspector who is always up on the latest government regulations:

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Jim Allhiser President/Inspector

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