Month: October 2009

Builders are Just Human or You Still Need a Home Inspection on a new Salem Oregon Home

I was poking around one of the many good deals in real estate here in Salem, Oregon the other day and I noticed this “small” roof leak.

I love my job.  Above and beyond me finding problems with my client’s new homes, my job is to educate them on how their home works.  Most people who are willing to climb on a roof could notice that this roof vent is out-of-place but explaining the vital function of the roof vent is my job and I love it.

Home inspections are more than just a check list of the “problems” in a home.   They are a great start in the educational process that we as homeowners need to actively pursue.




New Child Resistant Outlets In Oregon

The fall of 2008 had some advancements in the electrical code here in Salem, Oregon. Although I am a home inspector and not a code compliance inspector I do pay attention to building practices so that I my educate my clients to the best of my ability.
One advancement in particular is the requirement for new homes to be equipped with a new type of child safe outlet. As of the late fall of 2008 all of the outlets in a new home have small baffles that prevent something other than a two-prong plug from being inserted. I demonstrate the safety feature in the video below: