Month: August 2009

What to expect when you’re inspecting: Inspection Commencement

Every inspector is different but I like to get
everyone on the same page at the very start of the inspection.

I am not a building inspector.  Despite the similar sound of our job titles I
do not inspect for code compliance.
(although most codes address safety issues
that I will educate my clients on)  I do
not work for the county/city/local municipality.  Unlike most government workers I suffer
liability for my action
s and recommendations.
I work for my clients expressly, I
only have their interests in mind and I make every effort to produce the
highest quality home inspection every time.

I will find stuff on this house. Every house has things that could be improved
and adjusted.  New homes are just as bad
and a lot of the time even worse than a home that has had the benefit of being
lived in.  I compare your prospective
home to a perfect home, and there is no such thing.

My job is to educate you on your how your new home works. You should attend as much of the
inspection as possible.  You will get
more information out of me if you are standing over my shoulder when I find
something worth noting.  We can quickly
talk about what is wrong, what most likely caused it, how you can fix it and
how you can prevent it in the future.
That kind of comprehensive discussion can be difficult to accomplish in
even the best inspection report.

Thanks for the pictures Melina.