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Make-up Air

Make-up air:  The volume of air that is required to replace exhausted air from a given space.

If you have gas appliances,  a well weatherized and insulated home, and exhaust fans check out the following video for a serious consideration….


What your Furnace shouldn’t look like!!

Home inspections are good for getting a basic look at all of the major systems and components of a home.  This means that the nature of an inspection is general.
One of the general tests that good home inspectors do is to fire up the furnace.  Before I was an inspector I thought, “Why should I pay for someone to turn on my furnace?  I can turn on a furnace and tell if it works!”  This is a fact, however, there are things that a good inspector will look for when the furnace fires up that I would not have known to look for before I was an inspector.
One of the main things that good home inspectors look at while the gas furnace fires up is the flames.
  • Proper operation of the furnace will have the flames turn on with a steady blue.
  • Once the heat exchanger is heated sufficiently the main fan (that will blow heat through the home) turns on
  • The flames should remain steady and blue with little to no change in shape and color when the main fan turns on
This video was taken on a recent Salem, Oregon home inspection that shows what a flame SHOULD NOT look like when the main fan initiates:
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Jim Allhiser President/Inspector

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