Appriaser thinks he is an inspector and burns down the home!

This week I had the misfortune of inspecting a home while a piece of appraiser did his “work.”
This excuse for a person spoke to the buyer’s agent about me right in front of me while never bothering to even look in my direction.  He told the poor agent that he would need access to the crawl space, that had a piece of wood screwed in place. (like she could do anything about the screws?)  She asked me if I would be so gracious as to remove the lid for her/him.  I told her that I would be glad to rent my screw driver to the highest bidder.

I save the crawl space till very last so this appraiser was all done with his work way before I was ready to go in the crawl space and again, although I was standing right there, he looked right past me and asked the poor agent, “…can we could get this panel off of the crawl space.”   She looked pleadingly at me and I looked at the dude and pretended like I didn’t know what was going on.  Finally he asked me if I could open the panel for him.  I told him that it is a real bummer when you don’t bring the right tools to work with you and that I knew where he could rent a screw driver…….

After the appraiser left the inspection continued and at one point the agent mentioned that he had said that although the attic had insulation there was very little and that the owner could add insulation.  That is typical on a 1920 house until I opened the attic access panel…..

The picture shows knob-and-tube wiring that is in contact and covered with cellulose insulation.  Knob-and-tube (KT) is the original type wiring that was run in this 1920s home and it can be prone to heating up while it is under load.  Covering this wiring with insulation can cause heat to build and is a very really fire safety concern.  So the moral of the story is: Appraisers please don’t comment on things you do not know about.  If I hadn’t been there to tell my client why insulating the attic was a bad idea who knows what would have happened.

I don’t mean to gripe, but I get a bad taste in my mouth when a total stranger feels it is necessary to be rude to me.  Get to know me first.  Then if you must be rude to me, at least you have a good reason!

Jim Allhiser President/Inspector

“Always on the cutting edge”

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