Ever been torpedoed by a Real estate Agent?


Earlier this week I got a message that said, “Hi I got your name from a friend of mine and he says that you are the best. I am going to schedule my inspection on your website. Give me a call if I did something wrong or you need more information.”

Fantastic! I love referrals like that. And in a little bit an email shows up on my phone that says the client has scheduled himself and we are all set.

Again fantastic! I love my website and online scheduling.

A little while later I get a call from his ‘wonderful’ agent, “I need to know if you are going to do a P & D. If not, I am going to find another inspector.”

No big deal. I have never worked with this agent and was actually looking forward to meeting her and showing her how detailed and helpful I could be for her and her client.

I call her as soon as I squeeze out of the crawlspace and she says, “… can you hold?” ………….5 minutes later……….I say, “I would be happy to do a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection for our clients.”

“How much do you charge…….Hmmm. That’s more than my clients are willing to pay. Let me call and talk to them. I will call you back.”

I started to have a bad feeling. I was pretty sure the client knew exactly how much the price was since he set the inspection up and he had to click on the price to finalize the appointment.

I called our client. He told me that his agent had everything set up with her inspector and she was going to do it her way because her inspector was cheaper and he would get paid out of closing and it just worked better for her.

I said, “She told you what to do about your inspection?…………Ok. I am sure her inspector will do a wonderful job. Thank you.”

Three hours later
his agent calls, “yeah he doesn’t need your services. Bye.”

Bummer. I don’t have any issues with an agent having a comfort zone of professionals she works with but come on. Not that I would have been willing to get paid out of closing but I may have matched the other inspector’s price. I guess I just would have preferred the agent telling me about the deals her inspector gives and giving me a chance to compete like a capitalist.

Oh well. I am absolutely happy with the current agents who feel comfortable enough to refer me on a regular basis and finding those agents has taken work.

How about you?

Have you ever been torpedoed?



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