Brand New Clothes Dryer Technology for Salem, Oregon Homes

As part of my business model I try to constantly stay on top of and educate myself on the very latest in information that is out there in regards to home inspections, building science, home maintenance, appliances and so on.  A large part of this education recently has been a “green” movement that hopes to do more with less and improve efficiencies in general.

One of these brand new technologies has to do with clothes drying.  This technology, unlike most “green” innovations actually is cost effective.  It is relatively inexpensive and it can even pay for itself in a few short months. (unlike most other “green” products)

I am happy to share this wonderful advancement I spotted in Salem, Oregon with you and I hope that you will keep me up-to-date if you see a wonderful industry disruptive technology.

Jim Allhiser President/Inspector

“Always on the cutting edge”

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